911 Truth

Never Forget. Never forget that for some people 911 isn't about politics or conspiracy, it isn't about hate or war. Never forget that for some people it is a very intimate day of sorrow. Never forget that families are missing pieces. Dads are gone, Uncles are gone, Brothers are gone, Moms and Sons, Daughters and Friends and the families are left with missing pieces. Our family is missing pieces. That day touched everyone but not like that.

Now, it is an ipso facto national holiday and a despicable excuse for commercial abuse and hate. That is what they have to deal with every year on the anniversary of their very intimate day of sorrow.

Please take a quiet moment today and send some love to the families with missing pieces.
Oh, and maybe you could go hug everyone you love that you can reach and call the ones you can't. Tell them all out loud that you love them. If you tell them enough maybe they will never forget.

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